Apsfilter Contributors
Ahilan Ananthaunknown
Andrew Youngunknown
Fixed some chicken english mistakes. Apsfilter 4.9, June 1995.
Andreas Reuterunknown
New apsfilter test page, miscellaneous improvements in PRINT_PS, redir_gs_msg.ps to redirect PS error messages. Apsfilter 5.1.2, June 1999.
Bill C. Riemersunknown
Security suggestions for SETUP. Apsfilter 4.8.1, June 1994.
Bjorn Hanssonunknown
Suggestions and fixes for SETUP and apsfilter especially concerning windows remote printing via SAMBA. Apsfilter 5.4.1, April 2000.
Bob Smartunknown
Bob Thrushunknown
Support for BSDI, printer enhancements and misc things. Apsfilter 3.0.2, July 1994.
Carlos Dorsaiunknown
Corey Sweeneyunknown
Requested REMOTE_PRINTER support. Plain old version. We can do it better now ;-) Apsfilter 4.9 pre-release, Jan 1995.
Christoph Jungeunknown
st800 Stylus support. Apsfilter 4.9 pre-release, Jan 1995.
David Freyunknown
Use lpr commandline arguments. Apsfilter 1.9.
David G. Andersenunknown
Bug Report for FreeBSD 3.x concerning sharing of spooldir by several printers in /etc/printcap. Apsfilter 5.1.2, May 1999.
Dirk Bernhardtunknown
Dirk Sturzebecherunknown
Suggestions for storing commandline arguments in variables. Apsfilter 1.11.
Donald R. Newcombunknown
Support for Panasonic KX-1123. Apsfilter 4.9 pre-release, Jan 1995.
Eran Guendelmanunknown
Suggested change in SETUP that setting of papertype is needed. Apsfilter 5.1.5, Jan 2000.
Francois D. Menardunknown
UPP driver files for Epson Stylus Color 740 and support for different upp files for _one_ printer. Apsfilter 5.1.5, Jan 2000.
Frank McIngvaleunknown
Fix for SETUP for RESOL display. Apsfilter 5.1.2, June 1999.
Franz Josef Knelangenunknown
Bugfix "Fatal error: need gs ...". Apsfilter 4.9.1, July 1995.
Glenn Johnsonunknown
Uniprint driver support for gs>= 5.1 Apsfilter 5.0.0, Oct 1998.
Grant Taylorunknown
Harold Bowerunknown
UPP profiles for Epson LQ-570/870/1070/1170 ESC/P2 24-pin dot matrix printer and platform specific installation notes for TurboLinux. Apsfilter 5.4.1, April 2000.
J. Keidelunknown
Suggested HTML support. Apsfilter 4.9.5, May 1998.
Jeff Sternunknown
Joachim Achtzehnterunknown
LPRng support, eliminated need for rewindstdin. Apsfilter 5.0.0, Feb 1999.
Joachim Schoenbergunknown
Fixed print_data and syntax failure. Apsfilter 4.9 pre-release, Jan 1995.
John Culletonunknown
Feature request for a2ps printing (portrait without border). Apsfilter 5.1.4, Nov 1999.
Josef Karthauserunknown
printer-ijs: support for more OfficeJet printer using existing ijs driver according to linuxprinting.org entries, Apsfilter 7.1.2, Jan 2002.
Klaus-Dieter Henkelunknown
Fixed printing ASCII and PS files on a true PS printer. Apsfilter 4.9, July 1999.
L Jonas Olssonunknown
Lars Köllerunknown
Bugreport for his flavour of file command. Apsfilter 4.9 pre-release, Feb 1995.
Lucas Jamesunknown
Louis A. Mamakosunknown
Markus Strasserunknown
Martin Kraemerunknown
Matej Velaunknown
Debian package maintainer of apsfilter. Was in the apsfilter core team for a while. Made contributions to apsfilter and did a code cleanup of 5.4.2 + enhanced file type support, which lead to apsfilter V6.
Neil Hartunknown
Olivier PAGEunknown
Rodney Simioniunknown
Skliarouk Peterunknown
Stefan Jaeschkeunknown
Stefan Roehrichunknown
Stephen Hsiehunknown
Steve Whorwoodunknown
Steven A. Reismanunknown
Thomas Bueschgensunknown
Thomas Esserunknown
Thorsten Friggerunknown
Uwe Daubunknown
Uwe Bonnesunknown
Vince Skahanunknown
Zahemszky Gaborunknown
Fixed bugs in 2 drivers for HP DeskJet 550C in apsfilter 7.2.5.

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