FreeBSD port update to 7.2.613 Feb 2005

The FreeBSD Apsfilter Port has been updated to version 7.2.6.

Upgrade instructions for Apsfilter Software on FreeBSD based systems using the FreeBSD Ports Collection : Read the handbook section and manual page on how to use portupgrade: portupgrade(en), portupgrade(de), portupgrade(1).

Short instructions on how to upgade apsfilter on FreeBSD systems using portupgrade : "portupgrade apsfilter"

Additional articles about portupgrade for the impatient: Portupgrade and Cleaning and Customizing Your Ports by Dru Lavigne released in 2003 in O'Reilly ONLamp.com, the open source web platform .

FreeBSD Security note: always use portaudit -Fa to check the security status of your installed FreeBSD application software (from the FreeBSD ports collection). For more information about FreeBSD security refer to the official FreeBSD Security Information page.

New Apsfilter Version 7.2.613 Feb 2005

A new Apsfilter Release 7.2.6 is available now. It contains driver bugfixes for HP DeskJet 550C and compatible printers.

See ANNOUNCE and ChangeLog file for detailed informations.

Download and installation instructions see here: Download and INSTALL.

Bugfix for DeskJet 550C13 Feb 2005

The two HP DeskJet 550C drivers pcl3/hpdj550c and hpdj/550C have been updated to use CMY+K mode. The previously used print mode CMYK was not supported by these printers.

A new apsfilter stable release will be released very soon to address this issue.

The FreeBSD port will be updated to use the new apsfilter-stable release.

Patch information for a quick fix: pcl3/hpdj550c.diff and hpdj/550C.diff

Thanks to Zahemszky Gabor for contributing these fixes.

Loosing print jobs with LPRng 3.8.1526th November 2002

If you use LPRng as line printer scheduler - most Linux distributions do - please note, that LPRng 3.8.15 is known to cause loss of print jobs !!

It could be the case that also other newer LPRng releases have that bug.

Some people report, that a downgrade to 3.8.10 and 3.8.12 fixed the problem.

A workaround for 3.8.15 seems to be, configuring "done_jobs=0" in /etc/lprng/lpd.conf (on Debian, other systems use other paths).

I can't give a recommendation whats better, to downgrade or to use the workaround or perhaps even both.

Check this Debian bugreport that describes bug, workaround and what downgrade has been successful for some people: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=159632

New Apsfilter Developer24th November 2002

Please welcome Stacey Roberts. He wants to maintain the new applications section on the webserver. This will become a collection of useful tips, how to integrate apsfilter best into different applications.

New Apsfilter Version 7.2.509th November 2002

This bugfix release unbreaks remote printing on Windows-, AppleTalk- and Novell remote printers.

SETUP created too secure config files for smbclient and other remote printing utilities. This error showed up on well designed systems, where lpd doesn't run under root privileges (FreeBSD, ...).

If you have still permission problems, then you choosed wrong owner and group for apsfilter config files in SETUP.

New Apsfilter Version 7.2.409th November 2002

New apsfilter version 7.2.4 is available now, containing the latest patch set from Michael Lossin. Some fixes to drivers and driver mappings, support for ijs 1.1 and younger and some cosmetic changes. See ChangeLog and ANNOUNCE file for details.

New Apsfilter Version 7.2.327th October 2002

Adds support for newer HP IJS versions and fixes a nasty typo in apsfilter script, that prevented to print to windows remote printer. See ANNOUNCE and ChangeLog files on download page for a complete list of changes.
A short note to Debian folks: Apsfilter license issues will be changed in another apsfilter version. I need some more time for this. These bugfixes made it necessary to shake out a new bugfix release quickly.

HP IJS Driver Problems ???24th October 2002

A week ago I committed updates/fixes to apsfilter-current, which fixes a problem with newer HP IJS driver versions. This problem exists since around April this year. So please try apsfilter-current and if it fixes you HP IJS problems, please report it to me. Then I'll soon release a new apsfilter version. See the support page on this server, how to checkout apsfilter-current. Simply use 'HEAD' as release tag. Thanks !

Thanks to Tom Gilbert22th October 2002

Good news from Tom today. I may keep his wml macros for the design of the apsfilter webpages. In return I'll make the copyright notice in the page footer more precise. It was my intention to state out, that I have the copyright on Apsfilter. It was not my intention to say, that the webdesign is my own work and I want to put a copyright on this.

Important Apsfilter Updates09th October 2002

My dear apsfilter fellows, some of the most important patches have been committed to apsfilters -current tree. Sorry for the delay.
The most important feature is HPIJS 1.03 support.
So please test test test !!!
You have to get it out of CVS, I'm currently busy to apply all needed changes before rolling a new release.
Have a look into the "support" rubrik of this webserver. There you find info how to checkout apsfilter-current.
A big apologize to all people who did patch submissions in the past months. I really had no time to apply and test.
Im about picking the latest ones out of the mailing list archive. If somebody thinks, there is something missing, then please checkout apsfilter-current, apply your changes again, test and send me a context or unified diff using CVS. Thanks.

New Apsfilter Version 7.2.224th February 2002

Mainly a bugfix release, see ANNOUNCE and ChangeLog on download page. You should update from 7.2.1 to this new release.

Looking for developers24th February 2002

The workload is getting too high for me. I could need some helping hands. Things to do: apply patches to the release branches, CVS work, webserver updates. All you need is ssh, knowledge in CVS and a strong interest to make apsfilter better ;-)

If you have interest, please write me an e-mail.

Important HP driver (HPIJS 1.0) porting notes11th January 2002

According to HP the HPIJS 1.0 driver core dumps when being compiled with gcc's optimizations options -O or higher. Removing any optimization flags from CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS (see configure.in) before running configure in the hpijs-1.0 subdir (and compilation) cures the problem.
This has been tested on FreeBSD 4.5-RC. Both FreeBSD ghostscript ports (-gnu, -afpl) have been fixed last recently. You should update your ports collection and reinstall the gs port if you intend to use the original HP driver, that offers excellent printing quality for some of HPs most popular printer.

New Apsfilter Version 7.2.111th January 2002

Bugfix release, see ANNOUNCE and ChangeLog on download page.
Fix installation problem.
Fix driver mapping.
Unbreak apspreview by fixing sed problem on FreeBSD (and probably *BSD).
Import patch from FreeBSD ports collection to use new chown syntax (owner:group).

New Apsfilter Version 7.2.011th January 2002

Great new release with enhanced functionality.
Apsfilter now supports remote printing to Netware (Novell) printer.
Save network traffic by telling Netware and lpd remote printer to do copies themselves.
Apsfilter now supports all your remote printing needs you'll ever have (Novell-, AppleTalk-, Microsoft- and lpd/Unix remote printer).
Apsfilter is now installable for non-root user under $HOME for testing or migration planning. It then uses a separate printcap and spooldir under $HOME, configurable with "configure --with-printcap=... and --with-spooldir=...".
Driver and bugfixes, see ANNOUNCE and ChangeLog file as usual.
Please try this new version.

New Apsfilter Version 7.1.129th Dezember 2001

This is my last apsfilter release before holidays ;-)
It includes some bug fixes, manpage cleanups and two new cool features. As usual, see the ANNOUNCE and ChangeLog files for details.
In short: we introduced a new apspreview script, that allows you to preview your print session using gv, kghostview or ghostview. If the result fits your needs you can directly print from within these PS viewers using a printer of your choice. Of course with lpr commands using apsfilters features via -C/-Z options.
The 2nd goody is an apsfilter-bug script that assists you in releasing bug reports, which are mailed automatically to the proper mailinglist.
Bugfixes I want to mention are a new ljet4 driver, unbreaking of hardware duplex printing for all true Postscript printer, fix for a2ps not to use the delegation feature, so its now possible to print Latex sources using lpr -C ascii option.

New Apsfilter Version 7.1.024th Dezember 2001

Ho, ho, ho ! It's X'mas time ! The new apsfilter "Merry X'mas release" 7.1.0 is out now.
Please view ANNOUNCE and ChangeLog file, which changes have been made.
One of the major changes, beneath bugfixes and other things, is the introduction of a configure script and a portable Makefile. This should make installing apsfilter more easy and "package administrator friendlier", under the different flavours of Unix.
Another positive side effects of using configure is, that you get 100% correct paths in all manpages and in the handbook, no matter what installation paths you generate with the different configure options.

New Apsfilter Version 7.0.116th Dezember 2001

Apsfilter now supports new HP driver HPIJS 1.0. Additionally the old driver is supported as well, as it is unlikely, that all gs binary packages gets updated quickly.
Please view ANNOUNCE and ChangeLog file to see what other bugfixes and additions have been made (better bjc600/800 support, SETUP enhancements, ...)
The FreeBSD port has just been updated.

New Apsfilter Version 79th Dezember 2001

The apsfilter developement team proudly presents apsfilter version 7.
See ANNOUNCE and ChangeLog for a list of changes.
You should read the apsfilter handbook to become familiar with the new options.
The FreeBSD port has just been updated.

Looking for BETA tester for apsfilter78th Dezember 2001

Looking for apsfilter BETA tester for different platforms like: FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, RedHat, SuSE, Slackware, etc.
Currently we have a special demand before releasing apsfilter7, which comes with many new features, among them support for the newest gimp-print. Of course it would be good to have several known tester for the future as well. Folks, what YOU can do now is:
please download the latest apsfilter-current now and test, test, test. Send your reports to apsfilter-current@apsfilter.org.

64bits homepage8th Dezember 2001

The new 64bits homepage moved to new DNS namespace http://www.64Bits.de

Important update of apsfilter-current17th November 2001

Michael Lossin's experimental apsfilter version has been merged completely into apsfilter-current.
This is the base of the new upcoming apsfilter7 version, which introduces many new concepts and features.
See the ANNOUNCE and ChangeLog file for further informations.
You have to use anonymous cvs to checkout this new version until the new sources are available for download.

Apsfilter rocks more16th Sept 2001

64Bits band pages now can be found under two locations.

members.aol.com hosts the official 64Bits webpages and contain the most worked out songs of the band:


The pages hosted by apsfilter.org follow more the idea "Apsfilter Rocks". Beneath the better worked out 64Bits stuff you also find some unreleased or solo stuff by Andreas recored at home, which is nice as well.


New Apsfilter 6.1.101th April 2001

Released new apsfilter version 6.1.1.
Fixes duplex password generation routine and uses hexdump now because of compatibility issues with od(1) in different flavours of Unix.

New Apsfilter 6.1.020th March 2001

Released new apsfilter version 6.1.0.

what www.linuxprinting.org says...20th March 2001

www.linuxprinting.org makes some positive statements about apsfilter.

apsfilter is a filter designed for use on a wide variety of Unices. It supports essentially all Ghostscript drivers. It, too, works with various strains of LPD, including stock BSD and LPRng. At the moment, this is probably the best third-party system around for non-PostScript printers.

apsfilter handbook18th March 2001

Apsfilter handbook is available for developement and -stable version. You find it in the apsfilter sources and on the webserver. Currently both versions are the same, since all from apsfilter-current has been merged into the new apsfilter version 6.1.0.

first draft of apsfilter handbook23th January 2001

Michael Lossin was so kind starting to write the apsfilter handbook in html. A first draft you can see using this link: Apsfilter Handbook, 1st draft.
Suggestions, comments, corrections to apsfilter-doc@apsfilter.org.

bugfix: samba remote printing9th January 2001

Samba remote printing was broken in 6.0.0, because the variable containing the windows password has been named incorrect. This has been fixed now in -current and 6.0-STABLE.
Patches are available as usual from the download page.
Hint: since this is a small patch, you can easily substitute PASSWORD with PASSWD in SETUP and bin/apsfilter to fix that.

Updated FreeBSD port23th December 2000

Updated FreeBSD ports collection:
- updated apsfilter6 port to new -STABLE release (V 6.0.0)
- removed old apsfilter port (which was old STABLE = 5.4.2)

Apsfilter V 6.0 released23th December 2000

After a long testing period I'm proud to present apsfilter V 6.0.

Many thanks to the team, especially to Michael Lossin. Only with his continous help V 6.0 became true and is as mature as it is now.

Many useful features have been coded by Michael, i.e. pseudo duplex printing to mention only one.

Also a big thanks to Matej Vela who initially started apsfilters code cleanup which ended in a complete great rewrite.

New apsfilter-current snapshot09th December 2000

Released a new apsfilter-current (apsfilter6) snapshot.

New features in apsfilter-current11th November 2000

Just committed printer support for IBM omni printer and gimp-print/stp. As well as a new cool feature to enable true PS printer to recognize non-standard PS fonts, that are not embedded in the PS file. Same for images. The new pseudo device names are PSgs_XXXdpi. This has been implemented by adding an additional rendering stage:
input -> conversion to PS -> gs -sDEVICE=pswrite ... -> printer
This has been implemented by Michael Lossin.

Cisco Certified Internet Expert (CCIE[tm]), I made it ...27th October 2000

CCIE Routing & Switching #6362. Hope I have more freetime now for apsfilter coding ;-)

Hardware donation25th October 2000

Michael Lechner, CEO of H&M Software-Netzwerktechnik-GmbH, sponsored the apsfilter project by donating a Mustek SCSI scanner. Many thanks for the hardware donation.

Please use the mailing-lists05th September 2000

Please use the apsfilter mailinglists for _everything_ concerning apsfilter. Mails concerning apsfilter, that are being sent to any of my personal e-mail addresses will be simply ignored in the future or possibly redirected automatically to apsfilter-chat.
Code and patch submissions should go to apsfilter-hackers.
There are only organizational reasons behind that: a) I don't have the time anymore to answer everything myself, b) mailinglists should simply be used !

Alexander Langer joins the team01th September 2000

Alexander will work on make macros for the Apsfilter Documentation Project.

Windows remote printing fixed27th August 2000

Important fix in apsfilter V6. Windows remote printing worked properly in SETUP but not when using apsfilter. This was due to a syntax error (one little space missing).
Rolled a new release; please note it has the same name, but other checksum !

Deutsche Apsfilter Mailingliste27th August 2000

Für diejenigen, die mit dem Englischen absolut auf Kriegsfuß stehen, gibt es die deutschsprachige Mailingliste apsfilter-hilfe@apsfilter.org. Bitte nur verwenden, wenn es wirklich nicht anders geht, sonst werden in deutscher und englischer Mailingliste mehr oder weniger die gleichen Fragen gestellt.

New Apsfilter FAQ27th August 2000

The apsfilter documentation project proudly presents the Apsfilter FAQ.
The text has been migrated from text to SGML format making it possible to present it online on our webserver as well as in many different output formats (HTML, PS, PDF, text, DVI) which you can download from there.

Duplex printing for v6.025th August 2000

Michael Lossin contributed code to enable duplex printing on otherwise non-duplex capable printers.
The Initiator of a print session gets an e-mail notification after printing the odd pages, which contains a print job specific restart command with a key, which enables only that user to restart the queue to continue printing the even pages after flipping the paper. Enable duplex printing with:
lpr -C duplex somefile

New Apsfilter 6.0 Snapshot22th August 2000

Today I rolled a new developement snapshot after some patches from Michael Lossin. We are shortly before releasing the official new version 6.0. So please test folks, test ! ;-)

Apsfilter Documentation Project20th August 2000

Today I started the Apsfilter Documentation Project. The build environment already supports subdirs for different languages. The raw framework for FAQ and handbook is nearly finished.
Please be patient, since some technical issues have to be resolved.
For communication a new mailinglist has been added:
BTW, I'm looking for people who like to volunteer.

New Links Infopage20th August 2000

New webpage with links to other hopefully useful sources of information.
Covered themes: people, apsfilter, printing under Unix environment, HOWTOs, tutorials, different flavours of Unix.

New Infopage of Supported File Formats19th August 2000

New Filetypes infopage about apsfilter v6.0 file type support. Contains links to ftp/http download site and homepage if available.

apsfilter v6.0 test release15th August 2000

Please test apsfilter v6.0 prerelease. Write comments and suggestions to apsfilter-current@apsfilter.org.

make-release modified14th August 2000

Updated make-release, so that the info files have the same version as apsfilter release + last patch. Now you see what you get after applying the recommended patch, if available.

Finished new make-release script13th August 2000

Finished today the new make-release script, which fixes some odd behaviour of the old version. Additionally the style of download.html changed. Hope you like it ;-)

Moved 64Bits pages to www.apsfilter.org11th August 2000

The apsfilter slogan "apsfilter rocks" had the positive side effect of moving the 64Bits webpages to www.apsfilter.org, which looks a lot better than my personal homepage. Feel free to visit our bands webpages to download some or all of our 4 titles in mpg3 format.

Fixed FreeBSD port today11th August 2000

I manually created the diffs for apsfilter 5.4.2 for the FreeBSD ports collection and updated the FreeBSD port. For all other operating systems you can get the latest patch for apsfilter 5.4.2 from here, until I have time to fix the make-release script: patch-5.4.2-RELENG_5-20000811.gz.

Broken apsfilter diffs10th August 2000

The apsfilter diffs generated on www.apsfilter.org were all broken. Fixing and testing the make-release script will last some days. During that time apsfilter diffs for 5.4.2 will not be available.
Workaround is to checkout an apsfilter-STABLE release (RELENG_5) using anonymous cvs.
Sorry folks for any inconveniances involved with this...

New Webserver Pages6th August 2000

You'll find now a more complete overview of apsfilter team, developers, contributors and a list of apsfilter.org sponsors.

New mailinglists2nd August 2000

Three new mailinglists are available:

  • apsfilter-chat
  • apsfilter-current
  • apsfilter-stable

  • Apsfilter.org logo submission2nd August 2000

    Michael Lossin was so kind to submit an apsfilter.org logo. I'm not sure, if yellow on blue suits, but I think we can discuss that on the mailinglists. Maybe its time for apsfilter-chat@apsfilter.org ;-)

    New apsfilter 5.4.2 patch1st August 2000

    There is a new apsfilter 5.4.2 patch available for download.

    Apsfilter homepage moved1st August 2000

    The apsfilter homepage moved from freefall.freebsd.org to its new official location www.freebsd.org. Many thanks to Jordan Hubbard, Walnut Creek and the FreeBSD developement team for hosting the apsfilter webpages beneath my personal pages on the main FreeBSD developement machine for the last years.

    Apsfilter.org homepage28th July 2000

    Started creating apsfilter.org homepage.

    DPN sponsored apsfilter.org domain15th July 2000

    Bernd Walter from DPN was so kind to arrange domain sponsoring for apsfilter. Many thanks !

    Bernd from the Cosmo Project also arranged the hosting of apsfilter on srv1.cosmo-project.de which is sponsored by DPN as well.

    [FreeBSD] Apsfilter Copyright © 1994-2017 Andreas Klemm
    Written in WML, page design with permission from Tom Gilbert