Apsfilter Owner
Andreas Klemmhttp://people.FreeBSD.org/~andreas
I developed apsfilter and am working on apsfilter since around 1994.

During that time a lot of people helped with very good ideas and code submissions (the apsfilter developers and contributors).

Without the help from different people apsfilter would not be in the state where it currently is. Special thanks to Michael Lossin who contributed a lot of stuff.

We'd like to get some fresh blood into the developement team, since our real life jobs and of course some other important things in life are eating up time more and more.

If you'd like to join the team, feel free to drop me a note.

Apsfilter Developers
Michael Lossinunknown
Full of good ideas. Making huge code submissions since April 2000.
Stacey Robertsunknown
Maintains the application how-to corner on www.apsfilter.org.

People who help developing apsfilter
Bernd Walterhttp://www.cosmo-project.de/~bernd
He got a machine sponsored for his own project by Plus.line . We are using the resources of Cosmo Project . Bernd helped a lot with various things: system administration, pre-configuration of the services we need.
Cesar Mendozahttp://www.kitiara.org/
Cesar is the current maintainer of the Web Interface for the Debian Linux mailinglists. He build up the apsfilter mailinglist archive.

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