Apsfilter Support

Communication concerning apsfilter please exclusively over the mailing-lists !

Please don't write mails to apsfilter author (Andreas Klemm) and developers directly. Sorry, but they will be ignored !
Use the proper mailinglist ! You will get faster responses, because more people will listen to you.
Additionally this increases other peoples chance to get help by searching or browsing the Mailing List Archive .

SuSE user please read this

SuSE Linux contains a magic print filter that was based on apsfilter many years ago. This product is completely different to apsfilter.

Unfortunately SuSE company has still used the name apsfilter in their handbook, in different lpd and susefilter config files and in susefilters path names. The latter seems to be the reason why they change the name apsfilter to susefilter so reluctantly.

Well, SuSE users, if you didn't install apsfilter from source, then we can be 99.9% sure, that you are running susefilter. If you have any problems with susefilter, please ask SuSE support. Thanks.

Howto report bugs or problems with 'apsfilter-bug' script

Please use the new utility "apsfilter-bug".

It automatically presents to you some standard questions in an editor window you should answer and automatically sends your problem report to the proper apsfilter mailinglist.


The following apsfilter mailinglists are available (the number of subscribed users in parenthesis):

  • apsfilter-announce@apsfilter.org (15)
  • apsfilter-chat@apsfilter.org (4)
  • apsfilter-current@apsfilter.org (5)
  • apsfilter-cvs@apsfilter.org (3)
  • apsfilter-devel@apsfilter.org (5) , closed developer group
  • apsfilter-doc@apsfilter.org (4)
  • apsfilter-hackers@apsfilter.org (12)
  • apsfilter-help@apsfilter.org (52)
  • apsfilter-hilfe@apsfilter.org (11) , german support list
  • apsfilter-printing@apsfilter.org (14)
  • apsfilter-stable@apsfilter.org (6)
  • To subscribe to an apsfilter mailing-list send mail to:

    with the following line in the body of the mail:
    subscribe apsfilter-listname

    Mailing List Archive

    A browseable and searchable Mailing List Archive is available for help, online support documentation and simply for reference.

    CVS Repository Browser

    The cvsweb CGI script allows you to browse through the apsfilter CVS repository. There you can create diffs and browse through the commit logs:


    Always 'up to date' with Anonymous CVS Server

    Another way to get the latest -STABLE or -developement version of apsfilter is to use the Concurrent Version System (CVS). You are allowed to checkout either version from the apsfilter projects anonymous CVS server.

    Quick historical note: anonymous CVS support has been implemented by FreeBSD developement team.

    Here an example how to use it:

      setenv CVSROOT :pserver:cvs@apsfilter.org:/var/apscvs/APSCVS
      cvs login
      cvs checkout -r RELEASE_TAG -P apsfilter

    Use "RELENG_7" as RELEASE_TAG to get the latest stable release
    use "HEAD" or simply nothing to checkout the latest developement version.

    As ordinary user you shouldn't use the developement version. Normal changes and bugfixes are always committed to the -developement AND the -stable version.

    [FreeBSD] Apsfilter Copyright © 1994-2017 Andreas Klemm
    Written in WML, page design with permission from Tom Gilbert